CWA 1109

Verizon is now trying to teach us about rocks

Thursday, May 7, 2015
Message President, Tony Spina
Verizon is now trying to teach us about rocks, they want to know what rocks are in your way to do your job more efficiently. Yesterday a manager gave a tech a rock with his name on it. This is a disgrace and unacceptable. The only rock in the way is the management team with their interviews, investigations, ridiculous scheduling and overall treatment of their employees. Remember you have a contract and rights, do not go into any meeting (that could lead to discipline) with management without a steward. Overtime is administered by a contract, all members of our union need to follow the order of call.
If you are unsure of anything call your manager and let them make the decisions.
As always do a quality job,do it safely, park legally, and be where you are supposed to be.