CWA 1109

Protect Workers Comp in NY

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The State Legislature is directing WCB (Workers Compensation Board)
to come up with new guidelines, which are destructive proposals. It attacks ALL workers, Workers Compensation doctors and the lawyers that are protecting your rights, against the State.

The WCB want to implement new guidelines, that will:

  • Strip the injured workers of protections of due process rights.
  • Create an eating frenzy for abusive employers, insurers and IMEs

We support workers! We reject these proposals! We want to stop the slashing workers protection and injury payments!


The deadline, for open comments, is OCT 23. Completed/signed postcard petitions (coming shortly) will be collected by the stewards by Oct 17. We urge everyone, to reach out to your contacts to stop this deadly movement by signing the petition below, to withdraw this horrible proposal, that would cut payments for many common injuries, establish mandatory visits by IME or company Dr's and giving IMEs the authority to suspend benefits.

Bottom Line:
If this proposal goes through, the money that is supposed to go to injured workers will be placed in the hands of businesses and insurance co.

With your help, we've reached thousands of people who care about the
well being of injured workers. Now we must stop the NYS Workers' Comp Board from slashing worker protections and injury payments.

We can reach our goal! Please sign the petition and share the petition with your friends.

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