CWA 1109

CWA 1109 at the AFL-CIO COPE Convention

Thursday, August 23, 2018
Big thank you to everyone that came to the NYS AFL-CIO COPE convention in NYC yesterday. CWA had almost 70 delegates, the most we brought. Those in attendance saw how important it is for us to try to use all of our delegates (we have a total of 92.) It was an exciting and educational day for all.
Pictured above is CWA 1109 delegates and President Tony Spina along with other CWA New York members.
Most of the endorsements are done by block votes of about 10 at a time. Contentious ones are pulled from the block then debated and voted on separately. CWA was instrumental in some of these floor "fights." We were able to secure a few contentious endorsements, block a few and change a few to a "no endorsement" Our priorities were based on our District's endorsements and some specific CWA Local endorsements.
Key NYS Senate floor votes:
SD2 - John Flanagan: successfully blocked a motion to endorse
SD5- Jim Gaughran: successfully defended endorsement
SD7 - Anna Kaplan: successfully got the endorsement (BIG VICTORY!)
SD20 - Jesse Hamilton: successfully blocked a recommendation to endorse
SD34 - Jeff Klein: successfully blocked a recommendation to endorse
SD38 - David Carlucci: successfully got the endorsement
SD42 - Jennifer Metzger: successfully got the endorsement (BIG VICTORY!)
Key NYS Assembly Race:
AD61 - Pat Kane: Dennis Trainor secured a recommendation from the executive council (previously was "review after primary.")
Thanks again for everyone's hard work and dedication in making sure CWA's voice was heard yesterday but now we must all work hard to be sure our candidates get elected. Starting with the Primary on 9/13!

Find the official list of endorsements from the NYS AFL-CIO here.

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