CWA 1109

Verizon contracting out!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Verizon has notified the National Union that they intend to use independent contractors to perform all the work associated with the following functions:

  • Corporate Telecom Services
  • Cable Locate Work
  • Coin Collection Work
  • Fiber Solutions Center Work

We have responded to the Company that their notification to us was a wake up call to our membership. Clearly this notification shows their intent to move all the work to contractors. This was not a simple “six (6) month notification letter” but part of a Strategic Corporate Plan to destroy our bargaining unit. If Verizon believes they can destroy our Union they should know that they may get destroyed in the process.

It is time for every member to send a message to their managers. We have had enough. We are tired of Verizon sending our work to contractors. We are not taking it any more. It’s time to Fight Back !

Beginning April 4, 2011, on the National Day of Action, CWA will join forces with all Unions in this country and form a coalition with many organizations in this country to fight back.

Every member must be ready to Mobilize on April 4, 2011. There will be Mobilization at the worksite during the day and there will be separate events in the evening throughout the country and in your area. We will have more details about both activities next week. 

On April 4, 2011 let’s send Verizon and the rest of Corporate America a clear message and tell them exactly what we feel about their notification letter. We are tired of Verizon sending our work to contractors. We have had enough. It’s time to Fight Back !! 

Note: if you are posting on your web site add the above link to help your members get ready for April 4th – the National Day of Action and our Kick off to Mobilization “It’s All About Good Jobs”

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