CWA 1109

Unemployment Insurance

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Yes, strikers are eligible for unemployment benefits after 49 days. N.Y.L.L. §592. However, the waiting time may be less if (i) the strike ends sooner and the striker is still unemployed, or (ii) the labor dispute becomes a lockout. Claimants must file for benefits during each week that they are out on strike to certify that they are available to work.
How/when to apply:
Strikers should apply for unemployment insurance immediately, certify their eligibility weekly, keep a log of their weekly job search efforts, track and report any money received, and meet any appointments necessary with the Dept. of Labor.
  • All appropriate phone numbers, contact information, and help can be found on this summary sheet: Unemployment Insurance Fact Sheet
  • Forms if needed can be found here: Click here to visit
Here is a summary:
  1. File a claim @ or by calling 1-888-209-8124
  2. Department determines monetary eligibility and benefit entitlement - Pg. 4
  3. Contact Onestop Career Center or by calling 1-800-7-3992 - Pg. 9-10
    1. Search for suitable employment and document your searches on the Work Search Record - Pg. 18 
  4. Re-certify weekly for benefits @ or by calling 1-888-209-8124, Pg. 9
    1. Be able to work, available for work, and actively seek work
  5. If you are denied benefits, file an appeal (contact CWA) - Pg 11
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