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Media coverage from Occupy Wall Street March November 17th

Friday, November 18, 2011

The March for the 99% and the Nov. 17th union supported Occupy Wall Street protest were incredible. The following is some of the media coverage from the last week or so. Besides the March and the Nov 17th Rally, CWA also helped release a report from Citizens for Tax Justice on Verizon's tax dodging.

Wall Street Journal on Union turnout to the Nov 17th rally:

DailyKos on tax report:

March kick off Albany TV story:

Tarrytown Patch on March:

Poughkeepsie Journal on March:

Kingston Daily Freeman on March:

NYTimes on changing labor movement tactics (talks about the March):

The Hill (DC politics news mentions March):

There are more clips plus videos from the March on the March's home page :

Finally, there was an amazing light show on the side of the Pearl St. C.O. (the big building next to the Brooklyn Bridge with the huge Verizon symbol on it). The light show was incredible. At one point, the show said "Verizon = 1% Go CWA!" In the meantime, here's what the lightshow looked like:

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