CWA 1109

Information about Anthem Data Breech

Thursday, April 2, 2015
We are writing to provide an update on information related to the recent data breach at Anthem.

Anthem has begun the process of sending official notification letters via U.S. mail to its members' homes regarding the data breach. Some members may have already received letters and given the volume of letters that Anthem is sending (all current and former Anthem members and their dependents will receive letters) it is expected that the mailing process will continue through the end of April.


As previously communicated, Anthem is offering everyone potentially subject to the breach two years of free credit monitoring and ID theft repair services through AllClearID. Details can be found on or by calling AllClearID directly at 877-263-7995. We encourage employees to familiarize themselves with this protection and to take advantage of the offer.


In addition, Anthem is now able to tell its members whether their Social Security number was exposed as part of the breach. You can call AllClearID at 877-263-7995 and request to be transferred to an Anthem representative who will provide this information. Anthem can only communicate this information for the caller and any covered dependents under age 18; dependents over 18 will need to call Anthem directly.


We continue to be in regular contact with Anthem and will keep you updated as new information becomes available.   


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